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      Intelligent Plasma Air Purifier



      Intelligent Plasma Air Purifier


      Model No. IA-88F (Plasma Purifier + Auto Ozonator+ Carbon Filter)


      IA-88F is the perfect solution to improve the indoor quality. The Carbon Filter catch airborne particles, and the optional ozone kill germs, while massive plasmas keep refreshing the air. All this happens during the IA-88F whisper quiet operation.


      Unique Features


      1. Cold catalyst and activated carbon Filter together first catch the bigger airborne particles in the air, to kill the bacteria, and they can be cleaned up easily. 

      2. Ion concentration can reach up to 5x 106 /cm3, massive anions absorb the airborne dust, keep indoor air clean and healthy.

      3. With an adapter, it can convert the high voltage to DC12 Voltage, safe and reliable.

      4. With European special design style and safety standards, it is attractive and comfortable.

      5. No afterwards maintenance needed, power consumption is only 10w, very environmental friendly.

      6. The ozonator works for 30 mins automatically when the button pressed.


      Key Specifications

      ·Noiseless design, no motor
      ·Input Voltage: DC12V input
      with an adapter

      ·Rated power: 10W
      .Negative ions Output:
      ≥5 x 106/cm3

      .Ozone output: 200mg/h (30mins auto Timer)

      ·Dimensions: 200mm x 165 mm

      ·Weight: 600g

      ·Filter yes: Cold catalyst and activated carbon

      Package Information

      Individual packing size: 170 x170 x 245 mm / pcs (G.W:600g)
      Carton Size: 75cm(W) x 47cm(H) x55cm(D)
      GW/NW of Carton: 24.5 / 22kgs    

      QTY per Carton: 20 pcs/ctn
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